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Transparent medical dressing

 The average time between transparent film dressings is 1 to 5 days,  although the dressing may be left in place up to 7 days. The frequency  of change can vary based upon manufacturer recommend-ations. If the  transparent dressing becomes loose, if leakage is present, or new skin  irritation or redness is noted, change the dressing and reassess whether  continued use is appropriate. After removal, follow below instructions. 

Other dressings

Please keep on between 2-5 hours, then remove. After that do not re-wrap and follow instructions below.

Touch ups

I offer free touch ups to tattoos for 3 months unless other wise noted. Hands, fingers, feet, knees, inner lip, generally will have an issue. After you have followed the below instructions and need a touch up. Please contact me. Touch ups will be set by appointment during slower times.

How to care for your new tattoo...



 For one to three weeks (or until the tattoo is healed), wash the tattoo, at minimum, once when you wake, once before bed. Use an antibacterial soap to avoid infections. You can stop washing after flaking or any scabbing is gone.



After you have washed your tattoo, pat dry or air dry. Once dry put a small amount of lotion on. Don't soak your tattoo in lotion. Use small amounts and add more if needed. Make sure lotion is dye and fragrance free.



Make sure you wash your tattoo. Not keeping it clean can lead to infections. Also putting lotion on thru out the day is a good idea. If it itches, wash your hand and put a little bit of lotion on. Lightly tapping can also help if it itches. 



Scratch or pick at your tattoo. You have an open wound/abrasion, this could lead to infection. Until the flaking/scabbing is done, no swimming, steam, or long soaks. Wash but keep time limited till healed. Also refrain from using petroleum jelly. It can smother your tattoo.



If you have an issues or concerns, please contact me. Everyone has a different body so things that work for one may not another. Now the care instructions here are what I use. If you have a routine that works for you on healing tattoos, go ahead an continue.



There are different ways of healing and taking care of your tattoos. Everyone is a little different. Like mentioned before. If something works for you keep doing it. Don't be scared to contact me if you have any questions or issues the website hasn't helped with. 

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